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Investment credit for independents and entrepreneurs:

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Investment credit for business owners:

A company owner may need a loan for personal investments or simply to inject funds into his company. Indeed, with the development of new technologies, for example, it is sometimes necessary to obtain funding for these useful – yet expensive-solutions. Similarly, a company may need new infrastructure, equipment, materials, etc.. Moreover, a freelancer or businessman may need not only an investment credit for his company, but a loan for himself. For example to buy a new car, to renovate or purchase furniture, or any other need.

How to get an investment loan as an independent?

 As a freelancer, it is more difficult to obtain a loan in Switzerland, especially with good conditions. To apply for a loan as an entrepreneur, we propose to ask a broker. Indeed, a broker is a specialist who works in partnership with several financial institutions. The experienced broker will analyze your exact needs, and knows the market. He will take care of your request to forward it to the most suitable bank institution. It is also possible to deal directly with a bank loan, but the chances of getting a loan on favorable terms are then diminished, not to mention the extra paperwork.

Our advice: ask a broker

 Making multiple requests from multiple lenders is taking a considerable risk. The risk is to accumulate refusals at the ZEK and thus be refused his future requests automatically for several months (minimum 3 months).
Instead a credit broker will analyze each situation and then submit the application to the most appropriate bank. With this solution, it is possible to get a loan with better terms while ensuring total confidentiality. We recommand you to ask your investment credit to our partner CreditLoan: loan in switzerland.

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