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Moto loan: what are the benefits of this solution?

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How does it work?

A moto loan works the same way as any “consumer credit”: you borrow money from a bank or a financial instituion. The amount can be used to buy your vehicle. The reimbursement is done every month with a fixed amount paid directly towards the bank.

Flexible conditions

The first advantage of this kind of alternative is the freedom offered by the loan. Indeed, a personal loan comes with flexible arrangements:

  • Amount: from 2,000 (or 3,000) Chf to 250,000 Chf
  • Repayment: over 12 to 72 months, sometimes more


A moto loan brings some advantages. Indeed, a credit will allow you to fully purchase the vehicle, and become it’s legitimate owner. Globally, this solutions comes with the following benefits:

  • Full or partial funding: get the amount needed for your project to come true
  • New or second-hand: buy the vehicle from any seller
  • The choice of the vehicle: choose freely the brand and motel of your future motorcycle
  • Insurances: casco is optional, and generally cheaper
  • Tax deduction: deduce the interest of your loan from your tax declaration
  • Early repayment: spare on the interest if you make an early repayment

The cost

The cost mainly depends of the borrowed amount and the repayment duration, but from the interest rate as well. For information, a 5,000 loan over 12 months:

  • Represents a total interest of 209 Chf
  • Involves a 434 Chf monthly repayment (interest included)
  • With a 7.9% rate

Ask for an offer

It is always possible to ask for advice or a free offer towards a specialiste. For example, Autocredit proposes moto loan or other vehicle solutions.

Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

    Please fill in the form and our consultant will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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