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Mobile credit: loan request with your mobile phone

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Mobile credit: request of credit from your phone

It is quite possible to request a credit from a phone or a tablet computer. The question is: is the site that you are visiting easily accessible for a phone? Indeed, if it’s quite possible to surf with a phone on internet on classical website, it’s not always easy with a small screen. If you are interested in visiting some credit websites in order to make an mobile request we suggest you a selection:

  • Multicredit mobile: Make your loan request from a personal credit in all simplicity from your phone or your tablet computer
  • CreditLoan mobile: Free offer for a loan from 3,000 to 250,000 Chf

Mobile credit request : What security

The issue of the security is always at stake: if you effectuate a request on mobile website by indicating these personal information (name, surname, address….), are the information secured? In fact the transmitted data between your phone and the internet website where you effectuate your request is more secured than with a computer. Once the request effectuated, the question of the security depends only about the society towards which you will effectuate your mobile credit request.