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Commercial credit in Switzerland

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Why a commercial loan?

It is not always easy to get a loan from banks as an independent. In fact, the list of documents required can often be an obstacle to get a commercial loan, especially if you need money urgently. Usually, commercial loans are demanded for:

  • Finance investments
  • Overcome a temporary lack of liquidity
  • Buy a new function vehicle
  • Expand, renovate or repair your local

What are the possible solutions?

The type of loan will depend on the reason for the credit. The main types of business credit are:

  • Business account credit: it is a sum of money made available in a special bank account in which you can freely withdraw money till a certain limit.
  • Investment loan: proposed by some banks, this is an ideal solution for purchasing equipment.
  • Cash advances: it is a commercial short-term credit, usually less than one year for fixed-term advances.
  • Personal commercial credit: this solution consists in a personal loan used for your own business. With a personal credit, it is generally easier and faster to get a loan. Do not hesitate to consult our partner CreditLoan at this link to know more about this business credit solution.

Personal loan or business credit?

The solution of a commercial personal credit has certain advantages in terms of simplicity. If you own a small business such as a restaurant, a shop, and you need a sum of money not exceeding 150,000 Chf, a commercial credit in your name you will generally give you the following benefits:

    • Faster processing: receive an answer within 24 to 48h.
    • Less paperwork: a personal loan will be easier to get.

Who to contact?

If you are looking for a commercial loan, everything depends on the solution you prefer. For a loan made in the name of your company, you will need to contact a bank. But if you prefer an easier solution, do not hesitate to contact a loan broker like CreditLoan!

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