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How to calculate and compare basic insurance premiums?

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Would you like to change your insurance provider and get the best premium on the market? How to find the best offer, and how to switch basic health insurance? Our explanation.

Switching heath insurance offer

Switching health insurers or insurance model is easy and may yeld surprising amounts in savings. In Switzerland, if the basic health insurance is mandatory, you have to possibility to switch offer every year. In order to do so, you simply need to:

  • Terminate your ongoing basic health insurance. The cancellation letter must be send before end of november to your insurer.
  • Once your insurer confirms the cancellation, you have up to the end of december to select a new basic health insurance to any company you like.

Calculate and compare premiums

In order to compare premiums, you can either ask an insurance agency, or use an online comparison tool. If those tools are useful, you should pay attention to the neutrality of the calculator. Indeed, some calculators filter comparison results by insurance companies.

Prestaflex comparison tool

PrestaFlex-Service offers a simple and easy-to-use online calculator allowing to compare health insurance premiums. It is possible to use directly the premiums comparison tool, of fill in the data for an immediate display:

Compare premiums for your basic health insurance!





Model and franchise

If the choice of the company influences the price, it is important to compare offers keeping in mind the selected franchise and models proposed. Indeed, those elements can change dramatically change the final price:

  • Franchise: an higher franchise will reduce the monthly price of the premium.
  • Model: some health insurance models come with lower premiums, but also with some restrictions for the insured.