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Cashflex Multicredit was founded many years ago by Mr Aslan Munur. Cashflex is the official name of the company, whereas Multicredit is a trademark.

Do you need more information about its founder? Mr Aslan Munur holds a bank patent as wall as many additional training in the area. With more than 16 year's experience, he is specialized in the credit sector and insurances as well.


In particular, Mr Aslan is specialized in the following areas:

Professional service

Since always, Mr Aslan attaches special attention to individual relationship, respect for the person and confidentiality. All these qualities serves the main purpose to ensure customer satisfaction.

The company

Cashflex Multicredit was first founded in Geneva by Mr Aslan. After many years, the company moved in downtown Fribourg in order to expan our services throughout the country.


Would you like to contact Mr Aslan Munur? Whether for a question about the company, a private matter, or a loan request, you can contact him:

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