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How to choose a car insurance

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You consider to buy a new car? Do you know which type of insurance to choose? Complete casco or a partial one? What it is important to be aware of before you sign? Discover our explanations.

What is it the point to get a car insurance?

Basically, a car insurance will cover your vehicle in case of damages. A good car insurance will take in charge not only the cost of the repairs but, as well the replacement of your vehicle. It exists essentially two types of car insurance: the partial casco and the complete casco.

Insurance partial casco

A partial casco is a car insurance usually less expensive than the complete casco, but, as its name point out is more restrain in terms of benefits. The partial casco covers the following damages:

  • Theft and burglary a partial casco covers the damages cause to your car during vandalism (broken glass, damages cause to the vehicle), even the replacement of your car if this one is stolen.
  • Naturals damages: the partial casco cover your vehicle against the damages said “naturals” as the fires, the hail, the floods, earthquake, even sometimes the damages caused by animals (stone marten mice, etc.)

Complete insurance casco

A complete casco is a car insurance which includes the partial casco to whom add a collision insurance. So a complete casco cover the following damages:

  • Every damages covers by the partial casco
  • The damages caused by the assured to his vehicle: for example if you have an impact or a collision.
  • Damages caused by a parking: the complete casco will cover as well the cost of the repairs caused by a third to a parking vehicle.

What about collisions and accidents?

You must understand that in case of accident between two vehicles happens, it is not the car insurance that will take in charge the cost of the repairs but, the RC insurance (or liability civil) to the person who is responsible of the accident. The cost of the doctor or the cost of the hospital are taken in charge by the insurance accident.

To go further

Do you have some questions related to a car insurance a type of casco a civil liability? Our partner PrestaFlex-Services would be able to propose to you easily an advice as well as an interview with a specialist in insurances. Don’t hesitate to consult their page to know more or even to ask for a confidential advice with a specialist.