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Category: Real estate loan

House construction cost in Switzerland

Are you looking to buy your own house and become an owner? Do you know how much does a house cost in...

Real estate financing: loan or mortgage?

If a mortgage is the preferred solution to finance real estate, a loan can be a viable alternative in some rare cases....

Renovation credit: why should Swiss homeowners choose this type of loan?

In Switzerland, according to the Federal Office for Statistics, more than one out of three people is a houseowner, and this number...

Mortgage debt: 10 questions answered

We offer answers to your key questions related to mortgage debt in Switzerland. Amortization taxation, cost, we offer some explanations.

Credit in Switzerland

To get a credit in Switzerland may be the solution for the people who wish to realize a project. However, there are...

Modern house in Switzerland

You wish to realize your dream and have a modern house in Switzerland? What are the aspects to take into account before...

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