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Broker in Geneva – How to choose best?

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Why choosing an experienced broker?

As an intermediate between clients and companies, the broker’s role is really important: to make you save some money while benefiting from the best conditions possible. To do so, the broker will also choose the best bank to deal with according to your profile. It is thus important to contact a broker that is:

  • Experienced: so he can clearly identify what you need but also guide you towards the best offer possible.
  • Independent: in order to choose neutrally the best bank to deal with for your file.
  • Specialized, but also a general practitioner: a good broker has to be able to offer other services if needed. for example, if you are looking for a small mortgage solution, a good specialist will also have a look at consumer credits, to determine which solution is the best for you.

Whom to contact in Geneva?

Are you looking for a broker in Geneva? Making a decision is not easy with the number of agencies and independents on the market. We advise you to contact MultiCredit Sàrl a specialized agency in finance, insurance and foresight. MultiCredit will offer you a free analyse of you situation, no matter what you need.

  • Credit: in order to help you finance your project up to 250’000 Chf.
  • Mortgage: if you need a financial solution for your new house.
  • Insurance: illness, household, life, car,…
  • Foresight: if you want to meet with an advisor in order to benefit from a good enough capital once you retire.

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