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Swiss Healthcare Insurance: learn more about the LAMal

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Is it necessary to subscribe an Swiss healthcare insurance? Which is the insurance company who can propose to you the best offer at the best price? Facing all these questions, we are proposing to you to know more about the subject. This week's article will broach these topics.

What is Swiss healthcare insurance or the LAMal?

The LAMal or the law on the Swiss health care insurance is a law that has begin in January 1996 to replace the LAMa of 1912. Compulsory insurance for every people living in Switzerland, it covers the outpatient treatment provided by family doctors or in hospital. The LAMal covers as well the hospital treatment in general, in the canton in which the insured person lives. In order to have better access to a larger choice of outpatient care, numerous of people subscribe more than the Swiss healthcare , a complementary one. This one will allow you to have access to alternative medicine and you can choose the place where you wish to be hospitalized.

Is it necessary to subscribe an Swiss heath care insurance?

Even if the Swiss health care insurance is obligatory, the choice of this insurance is free. That means you can freely chose which company you want for your Swiss healthcare insurance. The benefits of the basic Swiss heath care insurance are determine by the federal law on the Swiss health care. If the benefits of all the health insurance are the same the price depends on this criterio:

  • The health insurance choosen
  • The canton where the insurer live
  • The data of the insurer: age, sex, history

Borders and health care insurance

The French people who work in Switzerland are submitted to the same law as the Swiss citizens. Indeed, there are not depending any more of the system of their country. So they will not be cover by the French system ( to know the French general social securities). If you are yourself a border living in France, but working in Switzerland, and that you want some more information about this topic, PrestasFlex-Service can offer you some advice and a free contact with an insurance agent.

Which insurance company to choose?

Indeed, is is not always easy to make the right choice. There are many insurance companies offering the Swiss healthcare insurance in Switzerland, and each company have it’s own different offers. Depending of your situation, the choice of an insurance company can be very important. For that reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek advice from an expert. Also, in case of interest, felle free to ask our partner PrestaFlex-Service. Withing their pages, you will find many valuable informations about insurance in Switzerland.