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Health insurance: premiums rise and costs

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Up to 35 chf more per month

The premiums’s rise of 4% for 2016 is in reality, a national average. For example, an adult with a standard accident coverage and franchise of 300 chf, will pay extra costs of 16,30 chf per month. The rise per french speaking state will be as following:

  • Fribourg: less affected with 4%.
  • Valais: 4.2%.
  • Vaud and Geneva: 4.7% and 4.8% respectively.
  • Jura: 7,4%
  • Neuchâtel: 8.2%, so an average increase of 35.30 chf per adult per month!

Don’t pay too much!

Health insurance companies had until the end of october to warn their clients about the new premiums’ costs. Insured people can break their coverage with the company or choose another health insurance formula until the end of november! Everybody has to be insured in Switzerland, so you have no another choice but complying with this premium rise. However, you can now stop paying unnecessary costs by making sure that your coverage is perfectly adapted to your needs!

Meet with an advisor

If you want to compare health insurance offers, the best thing to do is probably to meet with an expert! Thanks to his knowledge about all the formulas offered by Swiss health insurance companies, he will be able to advise you and, in the best case, make you save a lot of money on your monthly budget! If you wish to break your current coverage, he will take care of all administrative procedures. Click here to get a free and non binding meeting with an advisor in your town!

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