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Supplemental accident insurance

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The mandatory accident insurance is generally provided either by your basic insurance or by your employer. The services offered can vary from one company to another and thus, it is not uncommon to take a supplemental accident insurance. What is this suplemental coverage for, and how much does it cost? Discover our explanations.

What is a supplementary accident insurance?

A supplemental insurance is used to supplement your basic insurance. The choice of a supplementaty insurance depends mainly on the services provided (or not) by your basic coverage. Generaly, such an insurance will allow you to:

  • A 100% insured salary in case of accident.
  • Guaranteed services even when practicing an extreme sport or in case of negligence on your part.
  • The guarantee that you can choose freely your doctor and hospital if hospitalized.
  • A capital in case of death or disability.
  • Un capital en cas de décès ou invalidité. PUC will depend mainly on the type of additional accident insurance selected and chosen contract options.
  • Additionnal prestations, support of transportation costs, reimbursement of damage …

How much does it cost?

The cost of such an insurance can vary depending on the customer’s situation, and the selected insurance option like:

  • Death grand: the sum given to the family in case of death
  • Invalidity capital: sum received in case of disability caused by an accident.
  • Other services: eg daily allowances in case of incapacity for work.

For example, to receive a capital of CHF 100,000 in case of death or invalidity, the annual cost of an additional accident insurance can vary between 150 and 250 Chf Chf, see depending on other services offered.

A tailored-made accident insurance

Most complementary accident are relatively flexible in terms of services provided. The price can vary greatly depending on the options selected. It is therefore important to understand the different terms and do not hesitate to request a free non-binding quote. Do not hesitate to contact our partner PrestaFlex-Service to request such an offer.